This is a space where I explore the intersections of my story with the larger stories in which we live.

That means primarily the sacred, mystical, and powerful space where faith and sexuality intermingle. It’s a place of deep pain, but also huge pleasure. It’s a place of fear and shame, but also courage and delight.

I’m not alone in this space. My sexuality involves so many others; those who have invaded what should be private and tried to control what is not theirs, and those who have entered with my welcome.

As a gay man raised in the evangelical church, my story follows that of activists and advocates who have fought for our right as lgbt people to exist and to live, and that of worshippers and thinkers who have wrestled with the revelation of God in order to connect humanity with our Creator.

As an American with a heart for development work in southern Africa, my story flows from the awful history of Western imperialism and colonialism, and is flowing into the river of people standing up for justice, and working towards the liberation of the Global South.

As a writer and dancer, my story circles the intersection of the arts, how words and movement combine and interweave.

There’s always movement in the in-between spaces, so I welcome you to join me in life’s improv, as we figure out together the choreography that will lead to flourishing.


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